Injuries and Accidents Commonly Linked to Schools

Parents have an expectation that when they send their children to school in the morning they will be actively supervised and kept safe by the teachers, volunteers, or other school district personnel who are present. The school hiring process is designed to identify people who have the training and experience to carry out this responsibility and to filter out individuals whose backgrounds suggest that they may pose a threat to the safety of the students. Regrettably, there are occasions when the screening process fails to properly assess a job candidate. Also, in the midst of the frantically-paced school day or in certain school-related activities, there may be a heightened risk of injury to children.

Depending upon the circumstances which lead to a child’s injury while under the supervision of school-affiliated personnel, it may be appropriate for a family to consider filing a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation for medical bills and other damages as fit to the needs of a particular situation. Having the image of school as a safe place shattered can have deep and lasting adverse effects, so it is important to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Incidents That May Necessitate Legal Action

Though there are some school employees who are formally assigned to the supervision of children for part of the day, any adult school worker should intervene when there is an evident danger. The following are some examples of potential causes for a legal action stemming from a failure to provide a safe environment:

Inadequate facilities maintenance
Lack of supervision
Failure to stop student on student violence
Inadequate security staffing or procedures
School bus accidents
Negligent school district hiring